IPv6 for the (Wireless) Masses

IPv6 For The (Wireless) Masses is your best guide to the fast-moving field of low-power wireless devices connected with IPv6 networks. Far beyond just regurgitating standards, this book provides all the information that isn't written in the standards.

Not only does this book provide critical information about the core standards such as 6LoWPAN, RPL, Trickle, and IEEE 802.15.4, it goes on to cover related areas in low-power sensor networks.

Understanding RF specifications? Estimating power consumption? Testing your code? Building a sniffer? It's in the book.
(This isn't the real cover art)

This page will hold various information on the status of my upcoming book, IPv6 for the (Wireless) Masses. Along with the book blog there is a blog dedicated to tips & tricks I find with Adobe InDesign CS5.5, the software being used during the creation of the book. You can sign up for pre-order information too.

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